Being pampered in Jakarta

Upon our arrival at Jakarta airport an official looking man greeted us with a sign displaying our names, as soon as we exited the plane. He guided us to the luggage belt, picked up our backpacks for us, took our passports and the money for our visa on arrival and told us to wait. Within two minutes he was back with our visas and told us once again to wait […]



Vietnam final

Ein vierminütiger Rückblick unserer schönsten Augenblicke in Vietnam…


Did you know? - Vietnam

  1. Bread In Asia you expect rice and soy sauce, but definitely not bread. In Vietnam though as a legacy of the French, you find baguette all over the place. You see bread vendors everywhere and even a Vietnamese speciality, the Banh Mi consists of french bread filled with delicacies. 2. Socks As we have mentioned before, the Vietnamese women are petrified of getting a tan. They even wear […]


Eating and other doings in Hanoi

In Hanoi we decide against typical sightseeing and instead see the city while getting things done: One thing we want to do is book a tour to the north of Vietnam. We decide to study some travel brochures that our hotel has lying in the lobby and take them to our room after they allow us to. Very soon we settle on a tour operator that seems to fit our […]


Zwei Tage am Ba Be Lake oder warum es hilfreich sein kann, eine Frau zu sein

Wir brauchten drei verschiedene Busse und viel Toleranz, um von Hanoi zum Ba Be Nationalpark zu kommen. S wollte ein wenig mehr Beinfreiheit haben und wählte die Sitze vorne neben der Bustür. Erst zu spät als alle Plätze schon belegt waren merkten wir, wie der „Assistent“ des Busfahrers anfing schwere Säcke, Plastiktüten, Kartons und allerlei andere Gepäckstücke im Innenraum des Busses, direkt neben uns zu stapeln. Ganz unten im Haufen […]


„Bitte warten!“ #9 – Auf die nächste Pinkelpause

Reisen ist Abenteuer, Reisen bedeutet Freiheit! Reisen heißt aber auch, dass einfache Grundbedürfnisse wie die Suche nach Essen und das sich Erleichtern zu Herausforderungen werden können. In den Ländern unserer Weltreise waren die Pinkelpausen auf Busfahrten so unterschiedlich wie Tag und Nacht. In Madagaskar hielt der Minibus am Straßenrand im Nirgendwo und wenn Frau Glück hatte, gab es zufällig einen Busch, der den nackten Hintern vor den Blicken der Mitfahrer […]


On naked feet and roaches

Clever as we were, we decided to go to the bus stop ourselves to buy a ticket for the night bus from Dong Hoi to Hanoi instead of booking through our hotel. This saved us 3 Euros and our backpacker hearts jumped for joy. 😉 When we arrived at the bus stop at half past six with half an hour left till departure, the bus staff ushered us into the […]


My lovely Hoi An, what has happened to you?

Whenever someone travels to Vietnam, I tell them they HAVE to go to Hoi An. Hoi An was my favourite place when I was here in 2001. It was one of the few places at the time that were pretty and atmospheric with a romantic air. The first thing you encounter when arriving in Hoi An’s old town now, are masses of tourists. I am talking of bus loads of […]


Faul auf Phu Quoc

…so faul, dass wir dieses Mal Bilder sprechen lassen statt zu schreiben. 🙂