Seven days and seven goals later

Exactly one week ago we got back to Munich after traveling around Africa and Asia for nine months. Lots of things have already happened since then. When our plane touched down in our city, we felt a bit overcome by sadness at the thought of our journey coming to an end. When we exited the gate though, we were greeted by good friends coming to pick us up with champaign […]


Gambling in Macau & Ramadan in Dubai

You thought it was over? Well, it ain‘t! 😀 On our way back home to Germany we had two stop overs: A short one in Hong Kong and one a bit longer in Dubai, visiting my cousin that I hadn’t seen in many years. As we had spent far too much time in Hong Kong waiting for our China visa a few weeks earlier, we decided to make a day-trip […]


Malaysia Final

With almost nine months on the road, this is our Malaysia Final and our Final Final. Enjoy the last video of our unexpected journey: