New beginnings

One and a half years after returning from our Afrasia trip it’s time for a new adventure. Many things new happened within this time. New job, new name, new apartment and now the time has come for a new blog. The unexpected journey is over, but we enjoyed blogging so much, that we decided to set off on a new journey. We will be posting whenever we deem something worthy. […]


Seven days and seven goals later

Exactly one week ago we got back to Munich after traveling around Africa and Asia for nine months. Lots of things have already happened since then. When our plane touched down in our city, we felt a bit overcome by sadness at the thought of our journey coming to an end. When we exited the gate though, we were greeted by good friends coming to pick us up with champaign […]


Gambling in Macau & Ramadan in Dubai

You thought it was over? Well, it ain‘t! 😀 On our way back home to Germany we had two stop overs: A short one in Hong Kong and one a bit longer in Dubai, visiting my cousin that I hadn’t seen in many years. As we had spent far too much time in Hong Kong waiting for our China visa a few weeks earlier, we decided to make a day-trip […]


Malaysia Final

With almost nine months on the road, this is our Malaysia Final and our Final Final. Enjoy the last video of our unexpected journey:


Beach bumming on Langkawi & Perhentian

To continue our relaxation, we decided we needed more beach before returning to Germany. So, we headed to Langkawi, an island nestled between Penang and Thailand. I had the sensation of sitting in a fridge in the air con of the speedboat that took us there. Unfortunately I was not well prepared for this and froze terribly for three hours. When we arrived at our accommodation I already felt the […]


Shanghai, I heart you!

Despite all the trouble and extra expenses we had to go through to get our China visa, after 3 weeks in the country we have decided to move on. Suddenly the planned last stop on the journey is no longer the last. We have agreed that Malaysia is better suited for our final stop. After Beijing and Inner Mongolia, we continued on to Shanghai. And even though we really liked […]


A boy and two girls in Beijing

After our tiresome Chinese visa adventure, our reception in Beijing was a lovely one. At the other end of the customs exit doors Ralf, who had traveled to China a few days before, was already waiting with a sign specially made for us. But we weren’t unprepared either. We had acquired the perfect accessory for this country. So, while we were slowly pushing our luggage cart towards the exit, Ralf […]


The adventurous tale of the China visa

How is it possible that just about everything goes wrong when you are trying to obtain a visa? At some point during our China visa adventure we started wondering if we should give in to the obstacles and simply go somewhere else. But let’s start at the beginning. As with all our other countries on our round- the-world-trip, we inquired before leaving Germany what were the visa requirements for China. […]



Indonesia Final

Indonesia is the country that we spent the most time in during our unexpected journey. Indonesia is the country with the most fascinating nature and best beaches on this trip. It’s one of the countries with the friendliest, warmest people. Activity wise it is one of the most diverse since we left home and it’s the first country to which we say that we will probably be back soon. The […]


Green like Flores

We decide on Flores for the last 2 and a half weeks in Indonesia, the last 17 days in Southeast Asia before flying on to China. And a great decision it turns out to be. Flores is green….so unbelievably green! From Labuan Bajo we follow a winding road hugging the lush hills through dense forests, along tiny rivers, passing small villages. Pretty much all roads on Flores are like this. […]