Upon our arrival at Jakarta airport an official looking man greeted us with a sign displaying our names, as soon as we exited the plane. He guided us to the luggage belt, picked up our backpacks for us, took our passports and the money for our visa on arrival and told us to wait. Within two minutes he was back with our visas and told us once again to wait next to the immigration desk while he spoke to the officer. After a minute we had cleared immigration. At the counter next door travelers where making a long queue. 😎

Visa assistant Jakarta

Our friendly helper completed our customs declaration form for us and we were waved through without a moment’s wait. Outside our black Mercedes limousine was already waiting for us. We felt like royalty!

1 Visa assistant and pickup Jakarta

Silver Bird Jakarta

Silver Bird Jakarta

When we arrived at our accomodation for the night, the receptionist guided us to our wonderful, beautiful, astonishing, fantastic room and explained that our butler (You got that, right? BUTLER!!) would be at our disposal. We just needed to call him or send him a Whatsapp. 😯

Room Keraton Jakarta

Room Keraton Jakarta

After reading the handwritten note from our butler (!!!) inviting us to our welcome drink, we enjoyed the beverage sitting in our gorgeous bath tub while music was playing from the iPod connected to the BOSE speakers. (Excuse the boasting….). The rain shower was not that bad either…. 😀

Bathroom Keraton Jakarta

b Little Luxury at Keraton Jakarta 5

b Little Luxury at Keraton Jakarta 3

The toilet was an experience on its own. First you are pleasantly surprised once seated, that the seat is actually heated….and then you see all the delightful little buttons on the apparatus next to it, that will let you wash your nether parts (front and back) while adjusting the pressure and position of the spray and lets you dry them, once your are done. 😆

b Little Luxury at Keraton Jakarta 4

The bed was the best bed we have had since we started on this journey….or maybe even ever. And we slept like happy babies. In the morning we thoroughly enjoyed the huge and extremely tasty breakfast buffet and also some of the additional lovely things one could order from the menu. We ate and ate and ate! We had finally arrived in the land of milk and honey!

Restaurant Keraton Jakarta

Restaurant Keraton Jakarta

Restaurant Keraton Jakarta

c Breakfast at Keraton Jakarta 2

c Breakfast at Keraton Jakarta

c Breakfast at Keraton Jakarta 1

c Breakfast at Keraton Jakarta 3

c Breakfast at Keraton Jakarta 7

With our bellies filled we decided to take advantage of the spa at the Keraton. We didn’t have much time left before we had to leave to catch our train. But that didn’t stop us from going to the sauna, the steam bath and the pool with Jacuzzi.

A huge THANK-YOU to our secret sponsor!!! We already love Jakarta!