Seven days and seven goals later

Exactly one week ago we got back to Munich after traveling around Africa and Asia for nine months. Lots of things have already happened since then. When our plane touched down in our city, we felt a bit overcome by sadness at the thought of our journey coming to an end. When we exited the gate though, we were greeted by good friends coming to pick us up with champaign […]


Gambling in Macau & Ramadan in Dubai

You thought it was over? Well, it ain‘t! 😀 On our way back home to Germany we had two stop overs: A short one in Hong Kong and one a bit longer in Dubai, visiting my cousin that I hadn’t seen in many years. As we had spent far too much time in Hong Kong waiting for our China visa a few weeks earlier, we decided to make a day-trip […]


Teeplantagen in Cameron Highlands und Drinks in Kuala Lumpur

Auf dem Weg zurück nach Kuala Lumpur machten wir Halt in den Cameron Highlands. Die Einheimischen genießen das dortige „milde Klima“ und ziehen gerne in die höheren Gebiete, um der Hitze zu entkommen. Als wir uns am Nachmittag unserem Ziel näherten, schauderte es uns beim Blick aus dem Bus. Pünktlich ab 14 Uhr würde es hier jeden Tag wie aus Kübeln schütten, erklärte uns der Taxifahrer als wir in Tanah […]


Georgetown auf Penang – Willkommen im Urlaub

Malaysia ist das letzte Land auf unserer 9-monatigen Reise und wir wollen zum Ende nur noch eins: Entspannten Urlaub und lassen deshalb das großstädtische Treiben Kuala Lumpurs schnell hinter uns. Schon auf dem Weg merken wir wie einfach das Reisen im Vergleich zu unseren bisherigen Ländern hier ist: wirklich jeder spricht Englisch, der Zustand der Strassen ist einwandfrei und selbst die Langstreckenbusse sind so schick, wie bisher noch keines unserer […]


Shanghai, I heart you!

Despite all the trouble and extra expenses we had to go through to get our China visa, after 3 weeks in the country we have decided to move on. Suddenly the planned last stop on the journey is no longer the last. We have agreed that Malaysia is better suited for our final stop. After Beijing and Inner Mongolia, we continued on to Shanghai. And even though we really liked […]


A boy and two girls in Beijing

After our tiresome Chinese visa adventure, our reception in Beijing was a lovely one. At the other end of the customs exit doors Ralf, who had traveled to China a few days before, was already waiting with a sign specially made for us. But we weren’t unprepared either. We had acquired the perfect accessory for this country. So, while we were slowly pushing our luggage cart towards the exit, Ralf […]


Grauzone Hongkong

  Und wenn du’s bunter möchtest, schau mal bei Henry Chan Fat Hing, einem Künstler aus Hongkong vorbei.            


Jakarta's andere Seite

  Auch diese Seite von Jakarta gibt es… …und wir haben es genossen, sie zu entdecken. 🙂


Being pampered in Jakarta

Upon our arrival at Jakarta airport an official looking man greeted us with a sign displaying our names, as soon as we exited the plane. He guided us to the luggage belt, picked up our backpacks for us, took our passports and the money for our visa on arrival and told us to wait. Within two minutes he was back with our visas and told us once again to wait […]


Eating and other doings in Hanoi

In Hanoi we decide against typical sightseeing and instead see the city while getting things done: One thing we want to do is book a tour to the north of Vietnam. We decide to study some travel brochures that our hotel has lying in the lobby and take them to our room after they allow us to. Very soon we settle on a tour operator that seems to fit our […]