Malaysia Final

With almost nine months on the road, this is our Malaysia Final and our Final Final. Enjoy the last video of our unexpected journey:


China Final

  Kurz, aber spannend – unsere drei Wochen in China:



Indonesia Final

Indonesia is the country that we spent the most time in during our unexpected journey. Indonesia is the country with the most fascinating nature and best beaches on this trip. It’s one of the countries with the friendliest, warmest people. Activity wise it is one of the most diverse since we left home and it’s the first country to which we say that we will probably be back soon. The […]



Vietnam final

Ein vierminütiger Rückblick unserer schönsten Augenblicke in Vietnam…


Did you know? - Vietnam

  1. Bread In Asia you expect rice and soy sauce, but definitely not bread. In Vietnam though as a legacy of the French, you find baguette all over the place. You see bread vendors everywhere and even a Vietnamese speciality, the Banh Mi consists of french bread filled with delicacies. 2. Socks As we have mentioned before, the Vietnamese women are petrified of getting a tan. They even wear […]



Myanmar final

Als wir unseren fertigen “Myanmar final” Film zum ersten mal anschauten, fiel uns auf wie wenig Naturaufnahmen darin enthalten sind. Die Landschaft in Myanmar ist sicher schön, aber für uns eben nicht so atemberaubend wie die in manch anderen Ländern. Myanmar ist auch kein typisches Land, das zum Entspannen einlädt. Es gibt bestimmt auch schönere Strände in Südostasien als hier. Was ist dann das Besondere an diesem Land? Myanmar bewegt […]


Did you know? - Myanmar

1. Democracy? We were aware of course that the military junta in Myanmar has started changing its course and has not only released Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest, but also admitted her and her National League for Democracy to take part in the elections 2015. It still surprised us though how openly the population displays their affection and support for their national hero all over the country. 2. […]



Tanzania final

  Our greatest moments during the past five and a half weeks in Tanzania:   Looking forward to our next chapter starting Christmas in Thailand.  


Did you know? - Tanzania

1. Waiting for Food It’s normal to have to wait for freshly made food all over the world. And in Africa we have learned no one is really in a hurry. But in Tanzania sometimes one cannot believe how long it takes to get your dish after ordering. One hour is the average time you have to expect to wait for your meal. But we have had the case where […]



Madagascar final

  Five and a half weeks Madagascar wrapped in five and a half minutes: We had a great time and now on to Tanzania…