My goodness, this has turned into a real complex part of the planning. Originally we had wanted to go to Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Chile, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Laos, Myanmar and Indonesia. First talks with travel agents made it clear, that our envisioned route was not the classical RTW route and that we might have to expect a higher price for the ticket.

We decided to drop South America and to add Thailand and China (mainland) instead. As STA travel seem kind of incompetent, we addressed three other travel agents as well. A RTW ticket did not seem likeable anymore, so I decided to check for flights myself via Great website by the way!!

So, the current plan is:  Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, HK, Indonesia and China.

It’s not clear yet what this will cost, as we are still waiting for some travel agents to get back to us, but it will probably be around 4000 Euros. Big amount of money, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime journey…so what the hell! 😎