With almost nine months on the road, this is our Malaysia Final and our Final Final.

Enjoy the last video of our unexpected journey:




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    02/07/2014  22:01 by Alex Reply


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      05/07/2014  13:02 by V Reply

      :) :) :) :-*

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    03/07/2014  09:46 by Jay Pee Reply

    Many great BIG THANK YOUS - THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The box here is not large enough.Thanks for letting me/us enjoy your exciting journey - I'll surely miss viewing all the countries I never would have thought of going to but enjoyed seeing their fantastic fotos (great job V) - it was ALMOST like being there. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU,
    A N D
    T H A N K Y O U ! A pleasant return home and ......... GOOD LUCK - ALWAYS!!!

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      05/07/2014  13:02 by V Reply

      OH that's so nice of you! Thank you for your words and for being one of our biggest fans!

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    06/07/2014  06:42 by H Reply

    KISS: Kept it super special - as expected ;-)
    Was great to follow...! Many thanks.

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    07/07/2014  22:25 by M aus M Reply

    wow, wie schnell die Zeit vergeht!!!

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    07/07/2014  23:42 by Antonella Reply

    Unglaublich. Schon vorbei? keine tollen berichte mehr? Das ist ja wie ne Trauer jetzt für mich. Ihr habt mir immer meinen Alltag versüsst und spannend gemacht. Vielen vielen Dank für all die Mühe, die schönen Erzählungen und vor allen Dingen ein kleiner Teil dieser Reise gewesen zu sein. Die Reise mit Euch in Indonesien bleibt für ewig im Herzen.

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    08/07/2014  01:51 by heather Reply

    Amazing ladies. I so loved your blog and will miss your adventures. Of course I think we all lived vicariously through your amazing journey.
    Thank you for the memoried. :)
    Heather xxoo

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