After all what we have heard, internet availability and quality in Myanmar must be really bad. So, as we are heading there now, it might be that you don’t hear from us for a while. It could be that we will have to update the blog once we have moved on to Vietnam. So, no worries if things turn quiet around us. 😉

As for our last night in Bangkok, we decided to indulge in some luxury and went to Nahm restaurant in the Metropolitan hotel. So not backpacker style… 😀

Dinner Nahm Restaurant Bangkok




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    22/01/2014  06:13 by Tinka Reply

    Ihr seht so glücklich aus!
    Ich freu mich für euch - habt eine tolle Zeit in Myamar. @ V: hab mich sehr über deine post antwort gefreut!
    Lg aus Muc

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      26/01/2014  08:53 by V Reply

      Vielen lieben Dank! :D Wir genießen Myanmar sehr... Posts folgen noch, Internetverbindung ist hier so lala. ;) Glg nach good-old-Munich. xoxo, V

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    04/02/2014  09:56 by Antonella Reply


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