….well, almost….all that is left to do now still is pack my million of books and the personal stuff spread over the apartment into boxes, take the boxes to our storage with a rented van, clean the apartment, hand it over….and go to Octoberfest in between….like I said….(almost) ready to go… 😕

Actually am sitting in the middle of pure chaos. We just finished packing our backpacks…a kind of “packing rehearsal”. I mean, if Americans can rehearse their wedding, why not rehearse packing, right? I thought it would take maybe an hour or so. Was I wrong!! It took for ever! And even though we used compression bags for the first time, it was still almost impossible to squash all our stuff into the backpacks. I do love my new Deuter 60+10 backpack (Yeah, yeah, yeah…”Much too big!” “ 30l is more than enough!”…Yada yada), but I am not quite accustomed to its different pockets yet.

In the end I decided to take the only skirt back out of the backpack…it was just too full…and I am NOT going to remove any of my first aid items. I am German! I need the feeling of being prepared!! So, I had the choice of leaving one of my pants (You must be kidding! I just found this fantastic mosquito repellant pant from craghoppers, which I NEED for the safari and Papua New Guinea!!! 😀 ) or my skirt. Gone was the skirt.

So, with my brand new luggage scale (Big thankyou to the donors!!) we found out that V’s backpack weighs 12 kilos (the ideal weight for a backpack, as I have found out in several blogs) and mine only 17 kilos. 😳

Apart from all the tasks still left, mentally I am SO ready to go!