A while ago I had a conversation with my boss about taking a sabbatical. After he had spoken to the HR department to find out what was the company’s view on sabbaticals, we scheduled an appointment to talk about this.

So, I had one week between the scheduling of our appointment and the appointment actually taking place to have 7 nights of bad dreams and little sleep and 7 days of nervousness mixed with a whiney mood.Then at last the day came on which I sat down with my boss and we had our conversation about me taking a sabbatical.

It actually didn’t take very long…I mean how long does it take for you to tell someone that the company is OK with any version of a sabbatical, as there are no predefined processes or rules and to finish with 3 months would be ok for the department.

I had originally planned to haggle a bit…he says 6 months, I say 9, he says 7 months, I say 8…or something along those lines….but when someone starts off with 3 months and let’s you know anything more would be too expensive and not feasible for him…why bother even discussing? So, I said ok and yelled inwardly! That would mean I would have to quit my job to go away for 9 months, if we wanted to follow through with our plans! I really was not sure if I would have the courage for that…

Half an hour after that I left on a business trip for a five hour train ride…a LOT of time to think, frown and worry and a LOT of time to be alone and FREAK!

Meanwhile some time has passed and I have calmed down substantially. I am thinking that everything happens for a reason and that maybe it’s a good thing to come back after a trip around the world and not go right back into the same daily routine of before. And financially I should be able to get by with the help of the unemployment pay for around 9 months after the trip. That should do, as I am not planning to be unemployed for that long! Life’s good!