Exactly one week ago we got back to Munich after traveling around Africa and Asia for nine months.

Lots of things have already happened since then. When our plane touched down in our city, we felt a bit overcome by sadness at the thought of our journey coming to an end. When we exited the gate though, we were greeted by good friends coming to pick us up with champaign and emergency food. This fantastic surprise made coming home so much easier! We stood around drinking, laughing and talking for half an hour before we decided to drive to our place and watch the Brazil-Colombia match together.

Willkommen zurück S und V

Willkommen zurück S und V 3

The next day my friend Ralf told us he would store his flat screen tv in our living room while he is in China, as he is moving there….I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact that it was virtually impossible to see the playing time on my big, old tube-tv?!

The same day we went to a street fair with some friends. It was quite overwhelming to see so many people we hadn’t seen in so long.

Munich Gärtnerplatzfest

We made an official handover with our sub tenant and on Monday we got some administrative tasks done and started emptying the extra room that we hadn’t sub let but had packed with stuff we didn’t want to risk getting damaged.

The next day we rented a van to get our things out of storage. To my dismay my beloved bed got ruined, as a busy bumble-bee family decided to build a nest in our container in a blanket right next to the bed, which soiled it with….um….I have no idea what. At first all we saw were black insects crawling on and next to the bed and when I dragged the blanket out of the container a swarm of bumble-bees emerged, flying around two screeching world travelers.

Bumble-Bee nest

Damaged Bed

Once we were done with emptying the place, we had to go to the junk yard to dispose of the bed and THEN go shopping for a new bed. It was nine pm before we got back home exhausted, cold and soaking wet, as the typical German summer had shown it’s nasty face all day. That same day Germany beat Brazil 7 to 1 (still can’t believe it!!), which saved the otherwise shitty day.

Since then we have managed to get the apartment looking almost normal again and I’ve enjoyed preparing my first home-cooked meals in my own kitchen. It’s great being able to see friends without skype and talking to family whenever one wants to. It’s lovely sleeping in the same bed for an entire week and it’s a joy not having to pack up and lock away any valuables. Nevertheless we are still fighting nostalgia and don’t feel like we have arrived entirely yet. Which is not really such a bad thing though. 😉