I am not an envious person. I am quite happy and satisfied with what I have and can do. But there is this one thing I wish I could do: V can sleep through earthquakes. Ok, I am exaggerating a bit.  But while I wake from a fly buzzing down the street, there is not much that could shake V’s sleep.

V sleeps through church bells ringing right next to us at 5:30 am. She sleeps through cocks starting to crow at 2 in the morning for the next four hours. She sleeps through the couple in the bungalow next to ours having sex. She sleeps through people entering the hotel at 1 o’clock at night shouting and singing and doesn’t even stirr when they continue their high volume conversation for another hour. She sleeps through creeking doors being opened and closed incessantly to then being slammed a few times.

Unfortunately this is the kind of stuff that happens daily in Madagascar.  Which means V is always bright and shining mornings whereas I feel and look like the two hours sleep I get every night. Yes, actually I am quite envious!




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    06/11/2013  15:27 by Jay Pee Reply

    Ohhh! I'm sooo sorry! What about taking a longer nap with earplugs and V, in case of emergency can wake you if necessary! -------Did we see fotos of where you are already? If not, we're wating..........

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    07/11/2013  17:35 by Kerstin Reply

    Hahaha! Du Arme, ich kann das so gut verstehen! Und ich beneide Vio um Ihren Schlaf!!! :-) LG und genießt weiterhin die Zeit, hier regnet es seit 4Tagen durch!!!

    • S
      14/11/2013  10:46 by S Reply

      Dankeschön! Bin bei der Sonne hier total verwirrt, wenn bei Amazon Weihnachtswerbung kommt...

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