Everybody knows Germans love their cars. They save their last pennies or take up a huge credit to be able to drive this pretty, shiny big car, preferably made in Germany. They spend their Sundays washing, polishing and massaging their treasure. And should any one dare brush by their most valued possession….you better watch out!

A few days ago we jumped into an old, beat up taxi in Tana to take us to the taxi-brousse station. I was still discussing the price of the ride with the driver when he turned to face me, assuring me that we could stay seated and that the price was ok. He had already started the engine, moved forward and crashed into a brand new, sparkling Volkswagen that was turning into a garage before him.

Shocked V and I looked at each other…I actually felt a bit guilty for distracting the poor man. Both drivers got out of their cars and stared at the dent and the big, white marks on the new, black car. The other driver complained, shook his fist in anger, our driver hung his shoulders. After less than 20 seconds both drivers got back into their respective cars, the driver of the new car drove into the garage and we continued our journey to the taxi-brousse station. I had to smile. This was something that would NEVER happen in the land of proud car owners. On the other hand, I guess the other driver didn’t have much choice. The taxi driver certainly was not ensured, nor did he have any money to pay for the damage…so, what else could he have done but to continue what he had been doing…