Today was my last day at work.

I am not quite sure how I feel yet. I knew this day was going to come, but somehow the last few weeks had been filled with so much work and planning, that I did not really have much time to think about it.

I had quit my job two months earlier. My plan had been to talk to my boss in the last week of June when he was back from his trip to Japan and then go the HR department to resign. Two day before my boss was supposed to fly back home, he announced he was going to prolong his trip for another week! YIKES! 😯  What now?!? I couldn’t just resign and not talk to my boss of five years before! But I wasn’t able to wait until he was back either if I wanted to obey my notice period.

I had no choice but to do it by phone….damn! So, I asked my boss for an appointment the next day and hoped he would find a slot in his busy schedule.  He said we could do it in the morning. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was! Half an hour before the appointed time I was running up and down the office hallways, my heart beating all the way up in my throat. Then he cancelled and said we would do it in the afternoon. Arghhh….calm down! Suddenly he sends me a chat message and says: “I will call you now. I have time”. Wait! Wait! So soon…right now?? I asked him to call me in his empty office in two minutes, where I could close the door and break the news.

I really did not expect to be that nervous about the whole thing, but you just don’t quit your job that easily. And it is especially difficult when you have worked with someone for five years and have had a very good relationship with your boss, have helped develop the department, witnessed its growth and have spent some long, fun nights partying with the colleagues.  :mrgreen:

Anyway, today – two months later – it is time to say good-bye.

Even last night I did not have time to think about my last day, as I was cooking for my farewell lunch…which was really nice. Almost all colleagues that I had invited came to see me off. I got beautiful parting gifts, including a collage of personal wishes from my colleagues around the world. I was extremely moved at the little gathering and have to say, I do have a tear in my eye looking back at the good times. But I am naturally getting quite excited about the unknown future at the same time.

So, that was it! Good-bye Triumph! Thank you for five unforgettable years and the lovely people I have grown fond of here.